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28 October 2026 @ 02:09 am


Stole the pic, but it's my editing. << So I'm only claiming credit on making it a "Friends Only" pic. ;x
Do not add me to your Friends List if I do not know you. So comment first with the name and the place I know you from. Provide some common interests (preferably more than 2), too, so we won't be awkward when talking via LJ~
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07 October 2008 @ 11:24 pm
Yeah, I know some of you know who's the band who did the remix already but ;P

Seems like there's mix reviews around the One Piece community :D; I guess it's better than everyone going "OMG. THE SONG SUCKS", coz to me, I LOVE IT /never-followed-the-anime-btw. If some of my friends are wondering how I knew about this, it's because of the DBSK fandom. <3 Oh gawd, I love their fans. They're always on top of the boys' doing. :D AND I AM ONE OF THE MANY PEOPLE WHO CAN CONFIRM THAT IT IS THE BAND WHO SANG THE 17TH ENDING OF ONE PIECE. <3333

So I was curious about the reviews right? And begun searching in Google for One Piece forums. XD;; ...kind of. In one of the fansub's forums, one person said, "I'd say only a hundred times worse. There's no energy to it. And what happened to the rest of the band? It's almost acapella." Well, duhhh, the group's supposed to be an acapella band~ They work with instrumentals as well as their own voices.

But what pisses me off the most is that people are like "Well, they could've done better". ...WTF. GIVE THE BOYS A BREAK. IT'S INCREDIBLE ENOUGH THAT THEY MANAGED TO PULL THAT OFF AT THEIR VERY BUSY SCHEDULE. ;O; They only get like THREE HOURS OF SLEEP A DAY (or something), as they are both active in Japan AND Korea. :/

XD; I'm being sensitive coz they are my favorite band and I'm biased coz I think they're amazing. <3 To be frank, you end up liking their songs after a few listens - for most of them. It's a bad, but at the same time, also a good point. Bad point being, the first impression you get is "...Ewww" or "It's okay" for some of their songs. However, when you actually listen to it 2 - 3 more times, you just end up liking them. :x That is, in all, my opinion. Now that my wish for them to actually sing an anime OP theme song has technically come true, I wish they'd collaborate with EXILE and/or actually sing a NEW OP theme song for a VERY POPULAR anime - not a remix thanks. ;o;


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14 May 2008 @ 09:43 pm
Forgot to say: Stolen from Kris. XD;

1) List 10 things you want to say to 10 people but know you never will.
2) Don't say who they are directed towards.

*AHEM* I'd like to say, for the most part of this meme, I mean no offense. Btw, if you think one of these numbers is you, obviously since I'm not going to tell you, please don't let this "mini" meme become the catalyst of ruining friendships. ;/ Friendships can't all be positive. True friendships, imo, gives one both the positive and negative aspects of him/her (that is, if YOU think I criticized you, which may not be the case).
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